Our Strategy 2021/26

Over the last five years we’ve seen fantastic achievements across the Trust.
Major investments in research and innovation, pioneering treatments, brand new facilities and high-quality care consistently delivered across the Trust.

Of huge significance has been securing over £600m of investment to build our two new hospitals at the LGI and pathology laboratory at St James’s University Hospital.

The Leeds Improvement Method

The Leeds Improvement Method is our management method and central to our strategy. We are systematically embedding quality improvement into our day to day work, decision making, training and development across the Trust. Empowering and supporting our teams to improve quality, reduce variation and waste.

We are embedding quality improvement into our day to day work

Key features of our response

Improve health and reduce inequality

Our purpose is to improve the health of our patients through the provision of high quality care. We know not everyone has the same opportunity to live a healthy life, meaning that some communities are more likely to experience ill health, and live shorter lives. Many of the factors that contribute to health status and health inequalities relate to a person’s wider life for example their education, employment status and income, housing and social connections.

Differential access to healthcare can also lead to worse health outcomes and worsen health inequalities. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated many of these pre-existing health inequalities.

Working with our partners our ambition is that Leeds will be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where those who are the poorest improve their health the fastest. This means we want to improve health outcomes and reduce the gap between disadvantaged communities and the rest of the city by at least 10%.

  • This must be achieved together with our partners, and we can contribute by taking action including:
    Improve our understanding of the needs and demographics of people who use our services
  •  Design services with regard to prevalence and premature mortality from conditions
  • Diagnose and treat early, taking a personalised and holistic approach
  • Ensure health promoting opportunities are embedded throughout our services, prioritising prevention and treatment
  • Recognise that ill health and transitions in care can significantly change people’s lives.

We are taking action as an ‘anchor institution’ – a large organisation with an opportunity to improve people’s economic wellbeing through our role as an employer, purchaser, and civic partner.

The Trust is making good progress in this role, with initiatives such as the Lincoln Green pre-employability scheme, which provides targeted training opportunities for people living the city’s most deprived neighbourhoods. The Trust is an active member of the Leeds Anchors Network, which brings together organisations from across the city to align and share good practice. We will build on this by expanding our current initiatives and further our social and economic impact within Leeds.

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We are rated as a ‘good’ Hospital Trust by NHS regulator the Care Quality Commission