The Leeds Way

The Leeds Way helps Leeds Teaching Hospitals stand apart from other healthcare settings and gives us a strong identity.

The Leeds Way was developed in 2014. The values that we chose then were selected by our staff and are very much still important to our organisation now in 2022. The Leeds Way has been much admired through the NHS as a real example of staff engagement and staff told us they feel that they are what being a colleague at Leeds Hospitals is all about.

However, a lot has happened since The Leeds Way began. Throughout July and August 2022, we embarked on a Summer of Connecting to give us the opportunity to look again at the behaviours we hold ourselves to and give us chance to make new and relevant commitments.

We’ve listened to feedback from staff and are committed to making changes.

Living The Leeds Way is the starting point for this and the golden thread that ties us all together.

We can do this together, The Leeds Way.

Living the Leeds Way

Values and Behaviours

The Summer of Connecting gave us an opportunity to look again at The Leeds Way values and make new and relevant commitments.

The Leeds Way values

Our values were designed by our staff in 2014, and they are still relevant to how we work today.

Each of the values is crucial to our organisation and they all link together to ensure that we provide the best possible care for our patients and a supportive environment for all colleagues.

Fair, Accountable, Collaborative, Empowered, Patient Centred


We’ve listened to feedback from staff and we have simplified the behaviours associated with each value. These now better reflect what you told us was missing for you.

Refreshed behaviours


  • We act with compassion, empathy and kindness towards those in our care and to each other.
  • We consistently deliver high quality, safe and dignified care, focusing on individual needs.


  • We seek to understand the perspective of others, respecting and embracing our differences.
  • We champion inclusivity by prioritising fairness & equality.


    • We keep our promises, agree clear expectations and will speak up to respectfully hold ourselves and each other to account.
    • We are true to our word and act with integrity and honesty with our patients, colleagues and communities.


    • We are all one team with a common purpose and value the contribution of others.
    • We work in partnership with our patients, their families and carers, our colleagues and other providers.


    • We empower our patients and colleagues to have a voice and make decisions, and are considerate of their choices.
    • We celebrate innovation, and we take personal responsibility for our learning.