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The Leeds Way

We are committed to delivering the highest quality and safest treatment and care to every patient, every time.

Our vision is to be the best for specialist and integrated care.

Our staff helped to define the values and behaviours that we should work to so that we can achieve this vision. This has become known as The Leeds Way, and forms the foundation of our culture, our ethos and how we work every day.

Since its launch in 2014, The Leeds Way has become embedded in everything we do at LTHT. We have received positive feedback from the Care Quality Commission about how it filters through every part of our organisation, and it has seen us improve year on year on staff engagement in the staff survey.

The Leeds Way is who we are and what we believe. It defines how we work to deliver the best possible care and outcomes for our patients. The Leeds Way is about listening and being inclusive and taking on board the very best ideas out there.

The Leeds Way was developed by our people, using crowdsourcing technology to undertake our largest staff engagement programme.

There are well recognised links between engaged staff and improved patient care so we need all of our staff to believe in our vision and values to help us achieve our goals. We asked them to describe the behaviours and leadership they believed were needed to be the very best and to achieve our vision.

The strength of The Leeds Way is that it has been created by our people.

Our nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals have also launched ‘Caring The Leeds Way’ making a professional commitment to live our values in caring for our patients. 

The Leeds Way values are: patient centred, fair, collaborative, accountable and empowered.

We will always be patient-centred, fair, collaborative, accountable and empowered


  • Consistently deliver high quality, safe care.
  • Organise around the patient and their carers and focus on meeting their individual needs.
  • Act with compassion, sensitivity and kindness towards patients, carers and relatives.


  • We will treat others how we would wish to be treated.
  • Strive to maintain the respect and dignity of each patient, being particularly attentive to the needs of vulnerable groups.


  • Recognise we are all one team with a common purpose.
  • Include all relevant patients and staff in our discussions and decisions.
  • Work in partnership with patients, their families, and other providers - they will feel in control of their health and care needs.


  • Act with integrity and always be true to our word.
  • Be honest with patients, colleagues and our communities at all times.
  • Disclose results and accept responsibility for our actions.


  • Empower colleagues and patients to make decisions.
  • Expect colleagues to help build and maintain staff satisfaction and morale - more can be achieved when staff are happy and proud to come to work.
  • Celebrate staff who innovate and who go the extra mile for their patients and colleagues.

Our Goals

The best for patient safety, quality and experience

We want to provide outstanding care for our patients, so we will continue to use The Leeds Way to inform our decisions, creating a truly patient-centred culture across our hospitals. We will continue to systematically improve our services, designing them to meet patients’ needs, using the Leeds Improvement Method.

We already agree priorities to improve quality each year, so now we will develop a comprehensive quality strategy for our hospitals over five years. Where we are not yet meeting the core standards set out in the NHS Constitution, we will work to improve in line with these important commitments.

We are making a major investment in our nursing workforce, to recruit and retain the right number of the very best staff. We have comprehensive development programmes for nursing including the flagship Excellence in Practice award.

The best place to work

We will work to ensure we are the most engaged workforce in the NHS by 2025 because we know an enthusiastic, motivated workforce is most likely to provide outstanding care for our patients.

This starts with getting the basics right, ensuring people have the right training, tools and environment to do their job well, and ensuring people are valued and free from discrimination.

Our strategy will see us invest in digital technology, the healthcare environment, and staff health and wellbeing. We are already working hard to get the right numbers of clinical staff through effective recruitment and retention and by developing new roles such as nursing and physician associates and we will continue this as a priority.

Empowering our people is central to The Leeds Way, we know those closest to the work are the ones who can improve best and we are committed to giving our people the skills to do this through the Leeds Improvement Method.

Seamless Integrated Care

We will work with our partners to provide person centred care in our hospitals, in the community, and at home. This means empowering patients, ensuring they have access to preventative services, and supporting them to feel confident about managing their own health and care, where it is appropriate.

Our services will become ever more data driven and responsive to local needs through the application of population health management for example working with partners to support people living with frailty to remain living independently in the community.

Digital technology will transform our outpatient services, providing flexible access to specialist care outside hospitals and reducing face-to-face consultations by a third over the next five years. Technology will also enable collaboration between clinicians. As a teaching hospital, with many specialised services, we will increasingly support effective clinical networks.

Across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, we will continue to build a sustainable system of health and care, working as part of the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts to ‘level up’ hospital services and reduce variations in quality.

Centre of excellence for research, innovation, education and specialist services

Our aim is to deliver world class outcomes in our specialist services, providing leading edge innovation in diagnosis, treatment and care. Our strong partnership with the University of Leeds and wider partnerships with academia, commissioners and other specialist centres all contribute to this aim.

It is well-evidenced that hospitals actively engaged in research have better patient outcomes and more positive patient experience. We will ensure all our patients are able to participate in and benefit from research. We are already a national exemplar for the development and adoption of innovation. Over the next five years we will develop our clinical innovation system further and collaborate with the health technology sector to deliver innovation at scale for patients.

Underpinning our role as an NHS teaching hospital, we will work with our partners in the health and care system to plan, train and develop our people, ensuring they have the right skills to deliver outstanding care now and in the future.

Financially sustainable

An important enabler of outstanding care is being financially sustainable. Our objective is to become the most efficient teaching hospital in England, delivering a sustainable financial surplus so that we can continue to invest in our people, buildings and equipment.

That means delivering the best possible outcomes for the lowest possible cost; working closely with our commissioners on on jointly agreed priority areas of health care. Our aligned incentive contract exemplifies this approach.

We provide efficient and high-quality health care by reducing waste and continuously improving our financial processes through our value programme, Finance the Leeds Way. We benchmark ourselves against the best performing organisations and use dynamic tools such as patient level costing to support clinical teams to manage their resources.

Becoming more efficient means we have the resources to invest in our building and maintenance programme, renewing medical and surgical equipment and investing in our estate and digital health care.

Find our more about The Leeds Way here.